Not Right: The problem with how reporters cover fentanyl

Reporters unwisely adopt the language and assumptions of law enforcement. This distorts coverage and misleads readers about basic facts and what’s important. To paraphrase a line from the newspaper movie “Absence of Malice,” daily journalism’s coverage of drugs is often accurate — but not true.

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Ohio should stop using low-dose naloxone

Carfentanil is too common and too powerful for Ohio to continue to use low-dose naloxone. The state must start using only FDA-approved naloxone devices (which carry much higher doses) to treat opioid overdoses.

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Stop saying we have an opiate crisis!

Ohio has a drug overdose epidemic. Big difference. The cause of the epidemic is contamination, not opioid use. Cocaine and meth users are increasingly bearing the brunt of overdose death in Ohio.

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