DEA Heroin Signature Report, 2017: What it means for users

Black tar heroin much safer than powdered heroin. All heroin is not the same. Black tar heroin is almost never adulterated with fentanyl when smuggled into the United States. A newly released DEA report found that only one of 486 samples (0.2%) of black tar heroin...

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Ohio overdose death toll falls to 3,764 in 2018

Overdose deaths fall about 22.5% from 2017 How many Ohioans died of drug overdoses in 2018? We get asked that question almost every day. The answer is about 3,764, down from 4,854 in 2017. That's a 22.5% decline. The age-adjusted rate of accidental overdose deaths was...

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NEWS ALERT: Carfentanil returns to Ohio — take precautions!

Dangerous drug concentrated in northeast Ohio (Akron-Youngstown) People who use cocaine, meth and pills need to treat them like an opioid Harm Reduction Ohio issued an immediate alert today warning people who use drugs to exercise extreme caution because ultra-potent...

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Ohio’s 2018 overdose deaths detailed: Who died where.

Scioto County has No. 1 overdose death rate Montgomery County falls to No. 7 Overdose deaths in Ohio fell to 3,758 in 2018, a drop of 22.6% from the state's record high of 4,854 in 2017, a Harm Reduction Ohio analysis of state mortality data found. Sixty-one Ohio...

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Survey: How is medical marijuana working in Ohio?

Please take this consumer survey on Ohio’s medical marijuana program. Harm Reduction Ohio is conducting a survey on how Ohio’s new medical marijuana system is functioning from the consumer/patient perspective. Ohio residents who use (or want to use) marijuana for medical reasons are asked to take this confidential survey.

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The problem with marijuana in Ohio

Ohio’s heavily regulated and overly cumbersome medical marijuana regulatory system is ill-suited for legal marijuana (not to mention medical marijuana!). Here’s an explanation of why.

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Volunteers needed for statewide Narcan distribution effort

Harm Reduction Ohio needs your help. We are applying for an Ohio Department of Health grant to deliver Narcan to those most at risk of overdose death: people who use illegal drugs. If HRO gets the grant, we will need volunteers (and a few paid part-time workers) to reach these wonderful, unfairly stigmatized human beings in communities across Ohio.

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The myth of Ohio’s “drug use problem”

Ohioans use drugs at below average rates and have for many years. So why are overdose death rates the second highest in the country? Bad drug policies — not high drug use — are causing the overdose death epidemic.

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WARNING: Carfentanil is back in Ohio…and killing again

Carfentanil’s return coincides with an increase in overdose death in Ohio and ends a trend to lower death rates. The ultra-dangerous fentanyl analog appears to be most common in northeastern Ohio. Its frequency is still far lower than in peak in June 2017 when it was found in 9.8% of the drug supply.

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Ohio overdose deaths may be rising again

Preliminary data points to worrisome trend statewide Too early to tell with certainty WARNING: Ohio appears to be in the middle of a significant surge in overdose death that began late last year. The increase reverses the sharp decline in death that occurred from July...

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Ohio, it’s time: “Free the naloxone!”

Ohio has unnecessary laws and regulations limiting naloxone access. These policies have likely contributed to Ohio’s high overdose death rate. It’s time to let properly trained laypersons hand out naloxone. Other states have done this — and it makes a big difference.

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VIDEO: Sam Snodgrass, PhD, “The Struggle for Survival: Opioids, Addiction, and the Brain”

Watch the keynote talk at Harm Reduction Ohio’s annual conference.

This hourlong video presents Sam Snodgrass’s keynote talk at Harm Reduction Ohio’s annual conference  in April. It deserves your time and attention.

Sam holds a doctorate in biopsychology and had a research fellowship from the National Institute on Drug Abuse. He lost it all from an addiction to opioids. Several parents who lost a child to overdose told us they did not fully understand what happed and what their child was going through until they heard’s Sam’s talk at the Harm Reduction Coalition’s conference in New Orleans or elsewhere.

Sam Snodgrass, PhD

Sam’s talk his three major parts, each one fascinating in its own right:

  • His personal journey from successful academic at medical school to a homeless opioid addict who’d lost everything.
  • The neuroscience behind opioids and addiction.
  • Why harm reduction is crucial to reducing overdose deaths and other destructive consequences of current drug policies.


Special thanks to Mary Stafford, a mother who lost a son to overdose and did not understand what happened until hearing Sam’s talk. She hired a professional video crew to record Sam’s talk at HRO’s conference. The recording was made for Broken No More, a family organization that hopes “more enlightened drug policies may help stem the tide of addiction and overdose.”

A big thanks to Sam, Mary and Laura Cash, a board member of both Harm Reduction Ohio and Broken No More.

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