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Not Right: The problem with how reporters cover fentanyl

Reporters unwisely adopt the language and assumptions of law enforcement. This distorts coverage and misleads readers about basic facts and what’s important. To paraphrase a line from the newspaper movie “Absence of Malice,” daily journalism’s coverage of drugs is often accurate — but not true.

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Ohio should stop using low-dose naloxone

Carfentanil is too common and too powerful for Ohio to continue to use low-dose naloxone. The state must start using only FDA-approved naloxone devices (which carry much higher doses) to treat opioid overdoses.

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Stop saying we have an opiate crisis!

Ohio has a drug overdose epidemic. Big difference. The cause of the epidemic is contamination, not opioid use. Cocaine and meth users are increasingly bearing the brunt of overdose death in Ohio.

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Be careful.

Be very, very careful.

Art by Hannah Weatherington

What Is Harm Reduction?

Drug policies based on science, compassion, health and human rights.

Pragmatic and practical strategies that meet drug users “where they’re at.” Harm reduction supports safer use — such as syringe exchange and medical marijuana — and no use at all.

Need drug treatment?

A non-profit foundation provides a neutral guide to Ohio recovery facilities.

What is harm reduction?


Dennis Cauchon

Dennis Cauchon

President, Harm Reduction Ohio

Dennis is the founder of Harm Reduction Ohio. He created the 501(c)3 non-profit organization to advocate for drug policies that reduce overdose death, imprisonment and other drug war harms.

He is a former national reporter at USA TODAY and Knight Journalism Fellow at the University of Michigan Medical School. During his 35-year journalism career, he won various awards, including the Champion of Justice award and H.L. Mencken Award for Investigative Journalism for work on the drug war.

“I believe all people, including drug users, should be treated peacefully and with respect,” he says.

Dennis is the father of two boys and lives in Granville, Ohio.

Taylor Bennett

Taylor Bennett

Director of Advocacy

Taylor has a master of science degree in human development and family sciences from the University of Wyoming. She’s won multiple awards for academic excellence and received her undergraduate degree at Morehead State University in her native Kentucky. (Go Eagles!:)

Taylor is married to her college sweetheart, who she’s known since pre-school. She has two adorable boys and divides her time between Columbus and Greenfield, Ohio.

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