Co-sponsored by Ohio CAN (Change Addiction Now)

Big crowd coming. Don’t miss it!

(We’ll fit you in somehow.)

Harm Reduction Ohio’s annual conference this year will deal with the toughest issues, for drug policy and harm reduction. The “Family Matters” conference conference runs from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Saturday, April 6 at the Bryn du Mansion in Granville, a lovely village near Columbus.

Harm reduction experts Tracey Helton San Francisco, Tino Fuentes from New York and Oona Krieg and Tara Taylor from Vancouver will be there. Sam Snodgrass, a PhD who struggled with heroin addiction, will give his amazing talk, “The Neuroscience of Opioid Addiction,” as the lunchtime keynote talk.

The conference is designed from the perspective of the human eye. Forty-percent of panelists will be people who use/d drugs. A similar amount will be those who love them and often paid a steep emotional price when a person struggled with drugs. About 20% will be thoughtful experts. These groups overlap, of course. And many of the most thoughtful people will be in the audience and next to you at lunch.

Here’s the agenda. If you can think of more interesting drug policy topics, let us know. We’ll do your ideas next year!

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