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Harm Reduction Ohio is a non-profit dedicated to drug policy based on science, health, compassion and human rights.

We operate Ohio’s largest naloxone program, giving away about 30,000 naloxone kits in 2021 and reversing thousands of overdoses. The cost of running this program is considerable. Your help matters.

If you’d like to honor of a specific person, please leave a comment. Your remarks will show up on our Memorial Wall below.

With love…

Harm Reduction Ohio – Donation

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Donation Total: $50.00

Memorial Donation

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Donation Total: $100.00

Memorial Wall

Many donations to Harm Reduction Ohio are made in honor of the beautiful people we’ve lost to overdose. We honor those we’ve loved and lost here, including Dylan Stanley, Harm Reduction Ohio’s former community outreach director.

Allison McGovney

$110.00 January 12, 2022


$50.00 January 9, 2022

Christopher Ferguson

$500.00 December 29, 2021

In Memory of Michael Hahn

Christopher Ferguson

$500.00 December 29, 2021

In memory of Amanda Grace Donohoe


$25.00 December 26, 2021

Carter Elsass

$50.00 December 26, 2021

Joseph Hofmeister

$50.00 December 26, 2021

In support of Stephanie santino's event - Dr Joe Hofmeister Great work!!

Meghan Keeler

$40.00 December 25, 2021

This donation is on behalf of Linda Smolak. Merry Christmas!

Dawna Shroads

$25.00 December 24, 2021

In honor of Chris Hawkins


$50.00 December 22, 2021

This is my Christmas present for Linda Smolak

William Smolak

$25.00 December 19, 2021

Ann P. Klonowski

$50.00 December 18, 2021

My grandchildren choose where they'd like to make their Christmas donation. One chose you!

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