Orders placed from 74 of Ohio’s 88 counties¬†
Highest ordering rates from counties with highest overdose death rates

Allison Loeber is keeping naloxone flowing throughout Ohio during covid-19.

Harm Reduction Ohio is providing naloxone online at no cost to the entire state during covid-19. Our effort is part of the Ohio Department of Health’s broader effort to keep health services functioning during a time of social distancing.

In 13 days we’ve had more than 600 requests for naloxone from residents of 74 Ohio counties. (Ohio has 88 counties.) We ship naloxone (Narcan or intramuscular)¬†promptly by mail from our Granville office or a second temporary site in Mansfield, opened as part of our coronavirus contingency plan.

Naloxone by the numbers

So far, the most requests per capita were from Pike and Scioto counties, two southern Ohio counties that have the state’s highest overdose death rates. This shows the online program is reaching areas that need it most.

Measured by total requests, residents of Hamilton County (Cincinnati), Franklin County (Columbus) and Montgomery County (Dayton) have placed the most orders. We need to do a little better in Cleveland.

Harm Reduction Ohio is proud to provide this life-saving service to the residents of Ohio. 


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