Overdose deaths soar among blacks in Ohio

The rate of black overdose deaths is now nearly identical to that of whites. This epidemic is no longer mostly a white thing. What’s driving the increase in black deaths? Is race playing a role in government’s response to this epidemic vs. crack cocaine in the 1980s?

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Ohio doesn’t have a drug use problem

It has a drug policy problem. Conventional wisdom is that Ohio has high rates of overdose death because of high levels of drug use, high levels of drug misuse and poor access to treatment. All three beliefs are false.In every respect, Ohio's drug use and...

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4 VIDEOS: Protect Ohio Families. Vote YES on Issue 1

Issue 1 would end imprisonment for most drug possession arrests Harm Reduction Ohio made four videos in support of Issue 1. This citizens' initiative would end imprisonment for drug possession (except in the largest amounts) and direct the savings to...

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