About 90% of overdose death reports from 2023 have been entered into Ohio’s mortality database. Overall, overdose deaths appear to have fallen about 6% statewide in 2023 vs. 2022. However, significant differences exist by region and between Ohio’s 88 counties.

INCREASED: 29 counties had increased overdose death in 2023 vs. 2022, according to preliminary data. Those counties are shown in ORANGE.

DECREASED: 54 counties had declines in overdose death. Those counties are shown in GREEN.

UNCHANGED: 5 counties had no change in overdose death, according to the early data. Those counties are shown in WHITE.

Remember, this analysis is based on 2023 overdose deaths confirmed through March 13, 2024. That’s about 90% of last year’s overdose deaths. About 400 deaths have yet to be entered into Ohio’s mortality data, mostly from the last three months of 2023. That yet-to-be recorded deaths could change the overdose death map slightly.

(Thanks to HRO naloxone shipper Molly Fantini for the map.)

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