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Harm Reduction Ohio presents a new and updated list of all syringe programs in Ohio. For the first time, HRO’s list include addresses, hours and contact information for all syringe programs in Ohio. (Download list here or click on the map below.)

Ohio now has 19 syringe programs operating in 21 counties and at 32 different locations.

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Syringe programs. sometimes called “needle exchanges,” provide sterile syringes and needles to people who inject drugs. The programs seek to create warm, stigma-free environments for people who use drugs to improve their health.

Syringe programs are strongly recommended by the Ohio Department of Health and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention because they significantly reduce the spread of infectious diseases, such as HIV, Hepatitis C and endocarditis. All three are expensive diseases, mostly paid for by taxpayers through Medicaid.

Under Ohio law, local health boards must approve new syringe programs, although the local boards are not required to operate or pay anything.

So far, 21 of Ohio’s 88 counties have approved syringe programs. Only Licking County has outlawed syringe programs, voting to ban all programs, no matter who operates or pays for them.

Are you interesting in advocating for a syringe program in your county? If so, email us and we will work with you.

Thanks to Nick Maxwell, a summer research fellow at Harm Reduction Ohio, for creating this expanded list.

Click on image to get most up-to-date list of hours.

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