Are overdose deaths increasing during COVID-19?

Some evidence points to increased overdose death during COVID-19 because people are using alone. That leaves nobody there to reverse an overdose with Narcan or call 911. Drugs may be more potent, too, because reduced demand may mean less cutting and dilution of drugs.

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Overdose deaths soar among blacks in Ohio

The rate of black overdose deaths is now nearly identical to that of whites. This epidemic is no longer mostly a white thing. What’s driving the increase in black deaths? Is race playing a role in government’s response to this epidemic vs. crack cocaine in the 1980s?

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Not Right: The problem with how reporters cover fentanyl

Reporters unwisely adopt the language and assumptions of law enforcement. This distorts coverage and misleads readers about basic facts and what’s important. To paraphrase a line from the newspaper movie “Absence of Malice,” daily journalism’s coverage of drugs is often accurate — but not true.

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Gov. Kasich signs law punishing making fentanyl safer

Gov. Kasich signed SB 1, a reckless and sloppy law that gives long sentences for possessing diluted fentanyl. Fentanyl needs to be diluted in the extreme for safety reasons. Basing sentences on diluents — rather than the fentanyl itself — is crazy.

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Need drug treatment?

A non-profit foundation provides a neutral guide to Ohio recovery facilities.

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