Overdose deaths in Ohio decline over six months from record level

Overdose death remain at horrific levels, but preliminary data show a measurable decline began last November. In the last six months, preliminary data show overdose deaths fell 6.5% versus the same period a year earlier. It’s hard to say why, but the state’s mammoth Narcan blitz last August and September appears to have played a role in the decline.

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NEW REPORT: Ohio Overdose Deaths in 2021

Harm Reduction Ohio presents a decade of overdose death counts for all major drugs. The counts estimate the final count of overdose deaths for 2021 and connect the estimates to actual death counts from 2011 through 2022. The charts allow readers to understand the fast-changing nature of Ohio’s overdose death epidemic.

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Ohio’s Real Overdose Crisis: Fentanyl-adulterated stimulants

Meth and cocaine deaths soaring to record levels Stimulants contain fentanyl is driving overdose epidemic Confirmed overdose deaths in Ohio reached 3,269 today, a 5.5% increase over the number reported at the same time last year. It seems likely that, in 2021, Ohio...

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Fentanyl levels (and overdose death) remain high in Ohio in 2021

A new Harm Reduction Ohio analysis of drug seizure data show that the amount of fentanyl in Ohio’s drug supply may be at record levels in 2021. If so, that would foreshadow a continuation of our state’s record level of overdose deaths. See the data and why it matters in this article.

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Fentanyl adulteration hits record level in Ohio, driving overdose deaths to unprecedented peak

A new Harm Reduction Ohio analysis shows how fentanyl adulteration of drugs has grown sharply in Ohio over the last seven years. In 2020, Ohio’s drug supply was more adulterated than ever. Supply chain disruptions related to covid-19 are the likely cause of the increase in fentanyl frequency during 2020. The increase in fentanyl’s frequency will likely make 2020 the most horrific year ever for overdose deaths.

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