Why don’t heroin users work?

Stereotype Alert: They do! Few groups are more stereotyped than drug users, and few drug users are portrayed as negatively as heroin users. Homeless heroin addicts certainly exist and need love and attention, as do homeless alcoholics. But have you ever seen a news...

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Naloxone…a drive-by and a walk-by

Drive-by. I was driving on I-71 between Cleveland and Columbus this afternoon when I saw an American-made, four-door sedan on the highway's shoulder. The car was crooked, both front tires in the grass outside of the breakdown lane. The front door was open, and the...

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Ohio’s opioid technology contest winners announced

The state of Ohio announced five ideas that won a contest for a technology concepts that can reduce drug abuse and addiction. The winners were awarded $10,000 each for their ideas. Harm Reduction Ohio entered the idea of developing fentanyl test strips to help users...

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Cleveland has early success with fentanyl test strips

Users reduce dose when fentanyl is found Test strips identify fentanyl, carfentanil and six other analogues Cleveland's syringe exchange program is having early success in a program to supply fentanyl test strips to heroin users. The inexpensive strips let users...

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Need drug treatment?

A non-profit foundation provides a neutral guide to Ohio recovery facilities.

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