Syringe program conference to feature first-hand explanation of how nation’s first overdose prevention center works


Harm Reduction Ohio is delighted to announce that the staff of the nations first legal safe consumption site will provide the keynote presentation at the Ohio syringe program conference on May 22-23 in Columbus.

OnPoint NYC made harm reduction history in November 2021 when it opened two safe consumption centers — also called overdose prevention centers — to monitor the safe consumption of prohibited drugs, in addition to providing many other harm reduction services.

The sites have been an enormous success, a true harm reduction innovation that someday may be as common as syringe service programs (SSPs), which provide sterile supplies and services to people who inject drugs.

The Ohio legislature legalized syringe service programs in 2015. Today, the state has 26 syringe programs in 24 counties, a remarkable success.

Harm Reduction Ohio, the Ohio State University College of Public Health and Equitas Health will hold a conference in May to bring together people involved in the growing field of operating syringe service programs. The two-day conference is aimed at people who operate SSPs, people who use them and people who want to start programs in their communities.

In a survey, people involved in syringe programs said they wanted the conference to provide information on innovation, such as overdose prevention centers.

Kailin See of OnPointNYC

In its keynote presentation, Kailin See of OnPoint NYC will explain first-hand how the program got approval, how it operates day-to-day (staffing, design, location, etc.) and the results it has achieved. Conference attendees will be able to ask questions and talk one-on-one with OnPoint NYC operators.

OnPoint NYC is the largest harm reduction provider on the east coast. It services include:

  • the overdose prevent centers.
  • harm reduction services, such as sterile syringes and safer user supplies.
  • drop-in centers, i.e., stigma-free places for people to gets meals, coffee, showers and do laundry.
  • clinical services such as medication-assisted treatment and HIV/Hep C testing.
  • support services, such as mental health serviced and benefit navigation.

OnPoint also dispatches people to clean up areas outside the center that need it or to educate the public on harm reduction.

These services serve OnPoint’s broader goal:

OnPoint NYC vigorously advocates for social justice and strives to address adverse outcomes among people who use drugs or engage in sex work by providing the resources, tools, and support they need to enhance the quality of their lives and live with dignity. We seek to combat stigma and invite people who use drugs to participate meaningfully in society, instead of pushing them to the margin.

If you’re interested in real-world ways to make the world a better and safer place for people who use drugs, consider attending the conference: “Ohio Syringe Services Programs: Building Evidence, Empathy & Equity” in Columbus.

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