Survey for adults who, as a child, lost parent to overdose

Respondents compensated for time


Harm Reduction Ohio is conducting a study on the effect that losing a parent to overdose death has had on children.

We are seeking Ohio residents age 18 to 40 who lost a parent when they were a child or teen to complete a survey on the topic. The survey has 35 questions and takes about 20 minutes to complete. Survey respondents will be paid $50 for their time.

More than 30,000 children in Ohio lost a parent to overdose death since the introduction of Oxycontin in 1996. Almost no research exists on how the overdose epidemic affected orphaned children.

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The Harm Reduction Ohio study is designed to learn how people directly affected — the children — experienced the loss of a parent and how we can do a better job helping children today.

The survey seeks responses from adults who were affected as a child. By seeking adult respondents, we hope to get additional perspective that comes with age and avoid ethical challenges of seeking responses from minors.

The study defines parents broadly to include parents, guardians and stepparents. We’re interested in children who may have been in the care of another, such as a grandparent, at the time of the loss.

Please consider taking our survey if you lost a parent, guardian or stepparent. If you know somebody who suffered such a loss, please share the survey link with them.

This project means a lot to us. We want to capture the experiences of orphaned children with as much nuance and depth as possible. Please help as get as many perspectives as possible. The survey is here:

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