Xylazine Wound Care Guide

Harm Reduction Ohio’s partner NEXT Distro of New York City prepared this Xylazine Wound Care Guide, which can be found here and below.

Harm Reduction Ohio published a study January 4, 2024, on xylazine’s frequency in Ohio’s drug supply. That study can be found here. The charts and data from the study is here.

The study found xylazine in 37.3% of fentanyl. Other key findings:

  • Xylazine is paired with fentanyl in nearly every case.
  • Xylazine is almost non-existent in the supply of cocaine, methamphetamine, benzodiazepines, psychedelics and other drugs, except when fentanyl is also present.
  • Xylazine is found across Ohio without significant regional variations.
  • Xylazine frequency was consistent throughout the nine months studied, indicating the drug was well-established in Ohio’s fentanyl supply before 2023 and is not currently increasing or decreasing in frequency.

Caring for Xylazine Wounds

Source: National Library of Medicine

The NEXT Distro wound care guide offers this guidance.

  • Xylazine wounds should be kept clean with soap and water. Using alcohol and peroxide is NOT suggested for these wounds.
  • Moisturized with antibacterial ointment like A&D or even a thin layer of vaseline.
  • Covered with clean bandages.
  • Manuka honey (Medihoney) has been found to be very useful and effective for its wound healing and antibacterial properties.

Dennis Cauchon

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